Q. How is CashForge different from every other program out there?

First and foremost, we have the highest quality sites within our niche. We don't try to launch dozens of new sites per week because it simply isn't possible to do that and maintain a level of quality that we're satisfied with.

Secondly, our management team has years of experience in running adult sites as well as marketing them. The high conversion rates and long member retention of our sites is a testament to the effort we put forth.

Finally, we have shaped CashForge around the feedback of adult webmasters. We listen to webmasters and customers in order to implement the changes and features in demand. We invite you to provide us with feedback at any point and let us know what we can do to help your business.

Q. What can CashForge do to help my business?
A. What do you want us to do? Let us know! If there's something you want us to offer, by all means, let us know. Chances are we can probably get it done.
Q. How much money can I earn with CashForge?
A. There are no limitations. However, we do offer a special VIP program to affiliates sending a significant amount of signups, which in turn will earn you even more money.
Q. How does CashForge pay affiliates?
A. Affiliate payouts are done via CCBill on a weekly basis. Every dollar you earn through CashForge will be credited in your CCBill account and sent out by them.
Q. Do I earn on e-check and 900-number signups?
A. Of course!
Q. Wasn't CashForge around before?

Yes. CashForge was previously operated by ASP Media LLC. ASP Media ran the CashForge program independently and had a marketing agreement with the individual websites in their program. They never operated any websites of their own. Due to losing their merchant account, they were unable to continue business and closed the CashForge program in 2004.

The CashForge trademarks and brand were purchased by the Breast Expansion Archive in late 2005, which now operates the program. Now that CashForge is under new management, with CCBill handling affiliate payments, service to affiliates has significantly improved.

We invite all affiliates who were previously doing business with the old CashForge to contact us personally so that we may be given an opportunity to earn your business. We would also like to remind affiliates that present management was not involved in the operation of the previous CashForge marketing program.

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